Its one of those terms that is pretty ubiquitous right now, but what does it mean?

Mindfulness is a state of being, that allows us to be receptive to our experience in each moment. This state arises through regular practice of mindfulness meditation techniques, both formal sitting practice and mindfulness in action. Over time, mindfulness can become a habit, we find ourselves living a more conscious and aware life, without effort!

Mindfulness is so much more expansive than working with the mind.

It encompasses our emotions, our relationship to self, others and our place in the world. In my experience of mindfulness, self-compassion and non-judgment are the jewels of the practice. The ability to sit with open curiosity, with presence, whilst the mind does its thing, and still stay in a loving attitude towards yourself, is a beautiful benefit of mindfulness.

I really enjoy facilitating the Mindfulness courses. The discussion time is the best part for me, I love to hear people share their insights, challenges and questions and I always learn so much from each student’s input. The time for formal practice as a group is essential to deepen experience of the techniques and find out which one works best for you at which times. I find that the injection of information on neuroscience, non – violent communication techniques and current research deepens students understanding of how and why the practices work, and why we need them.

What happens in a mindfulness meditation & relaxation class?

It varies class to class, and is a combination of some of these elements,: 
– Seated guided meditation using a variety of techniques (mindfulness, Yogic, compassion).
– Relaxation lying on the floor, this could be a Yoga Nidra or body scan.
– Gentle mindful movements from a chair.
– Breathing practices such as abdominal breathing, three part breath, counting breaths.
– Sharing of underpinning knowledge/theory of practices, benefits and tips for practice.
– Discussion. No such thing as a silly question! 

You can just turn up on the day if you want to, though its really helpful if you just text me before class some time to let me know.

Even an hour before is ok.

As there is a big mix of experience in the group, it helps me adjust my class plan to meet everyone’s needs.

Mindfulness Meditation weekly classes

This weekly class is an opportunity to experience simple and effective mindfulness meditation practices. Beginners will get a sense of the  techniques and benefits of  meditation  and more experienced meditators will deepen their practice and boost motivation for home practice.

Each class includes meditation in a chair, one longer practice to start the class and then a shorter practice at the end. Sometimes a relaxation practice is included. There is also discussion on a weekly theme, technique or learning point to develop your understanding of meditation and time for you to ask questions.

Classes are ongoing Tuesday 20th October, 2020 

Bega Tennis Club with Covid safe precautions

Tuesdays 5.30 -6.30pm

$20, or $90 for 5 classes

It’s important to please text to attend, on the day is ok. 

Tuesday meditation classes also available on zoom, please contact me for details

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, you can contact me.