Why do people come to a Yoga class?

Firstly it seems that most students come to chill out, to find respite from the demands of family, work and busy lives. Building physical strength, flexibility and improving health/well being come a close second.  After feeling these benefits for a time, often students start to go a little deeper. They start to explore their relationship to their breath, to their body and mind; it becomes more of an opportunity to learn a little more about themselves. Noticing the way we resist a practice for example, can open up a new line of thinking and the potential to ease in and surrender a little more.

I like to share information about anatomy and physiology in my classes, and how certain practices activate and/or balance the body in different ways. The nervous and respiratory systems feature strongly as they have such a big impact on our overall health, both mental and physical. I also like to drop in little insights about life and practice that I have learned along the way.

Every one who comes to class is unique.

My Diploma level (1400+ hours) training & thirteen years of diverse teaching experience give me solid skills in adapting each Yoga practice so that it’s safe, enjoyable and beneficial for every student.  A non-competitive atmosphere is essential for people to feel they have the time and support for their own practice to unfold.

What's Happening with Yoga classes?

All classes and retreats are gently resuming.

Right now you can relax and let go of tension with my FREE Yoga Nidra practice. 

Eight stage Yoga Nidra

by PremKranti | Bliss Body

I am trained in and teach the Satyananda system of Integral Yoga. This style is specifically tailored towards promoting relaxation, health, well-being and clarity. I have also trained in the delivery of Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I aim to teach students ways to self-manage their emotions, thoughts, and energy in a safe and supportive environment. 

I want students to experience what it feels like to truly let go. To let go of physical, mental and emotional tensions.  To let go of conditioned ways of thinking and relating to self and others.

Prem is a beautiful soul and it was a pleasure to be taught by her over a period of three years. Being her yoga student was an empowering and eye opening journey for me. She provided a safe and gentle environment to explore my body and mind. I appreciated her precision regarding yoga technique and this ensured safety of all her students, including those with injuries. She facilitated a deep body mind connection through breathing techniques and mindfulness. As a medical practitioner I can highly recommend her classes as a way to learn mind body balance and lifelong tools for health.”

Dr Belinda Allan , FRACGP, MBBS, BMedSci

Prem’s yoga classes have helped me achieve balance in my life. The breathing and mindfulness techniques Prem teaches have become invaluable in my everyday life to gain a sense of calm and perspective and the physical postures stretch my body wonderfully. Prem’s gentle and non-judgemental manner creates a class where everyone is able to benefit.

Linda Albertson

Happy to report that my core strength has dramatically improved, and I know I gain much benefit from the true relaxed state experienced after practice. (not to mention – some flab is on the run, and my weight has stabilised). Thank you for being You. (or thank you Premkranti). Shane Ardern

Workplace and Group Classes

I am happy to tailor classes, courses, and workshops to meet the needs of your group or workplace. Classes can include relaxation, meditation/mindfulness, postures at any level, and breathing techniques. 

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